Put the South in Your Mouth! Das Konzert aus 2006!
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It's hard to replicate the White Cowbell Oklahoma live show experience unless you regularly have hundreds of meth addicts and serial frottagists over to hang out in your apartment, . . .

White Cowbell Oklahoma:
Viva Live Locos

Alive at the Burg Herzberg Festival
CD, 72 min. 26 sek., VÖ: 01.03.2011, EAN: 4260175030110
In 2006, Canadian southern-shock rockers White Cowbell Oklahoma headlined the opening night of the esteemed Burg Herzberg Festival. Concert-goers were wowed by the nine-piece guitar armada, which had previously only been heard about on German shores via import record shops and other underground circles. Luckily, the entire set - featuring extended, one-of-a-kind versions of tracks from Cencerro Blanco and Casa Diablo - was masterfully captured in all its bombastic, guitar lick-laden, keyboard-melting entirety, and is finally being released. Also performed were rare and unique interpretations of Frank Zappa's "Magic Fingers" and Muddy Water's "I Just Want to Make Love to You." Viva Live Locos: Alive at the Burg Herzberg Festival is indeed a chainsaw-revving masterpiece of the neo-southern rock genre.

San Antone 00:04:45
Cheerleader 00:03:23
Put the South in Your Mouth00:05:17
(Tear You) A New One00:03:17
Ole Glory00:08:54
Faster Than Sin00:02:52
Koko Girl00:03:52
Fly Away00:05:46
Monster Railroad00:06:36
Do Me So Wrong00:08:57
Shot A Gamblin' Man - Magic Fingers00:13:22
I Just Want To Make Love To You00:05:21