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Live-Photos: Fred Loridant

"I’m not flying out”,said Josh"I can’t stand flying,I’ll drive out and James will come with me for the ride”.Martin said "O.K.,but make sure you get there!”
So Josh Ace,guitarist and singer with the now legendary psychedelic blues band Man drove over to Germany from his hometown,Swansea, Wales to appear at The 2007 Burg Herzberg Festival.With him on the trip was James Beck,bass player with Josh’s own band Ringolevio.
"Bad weather at Heathrow Airport,looks like Bob and George won’t be able to make it, "said Gert, the agent.
The only thing we can do to save the situation is do an Omigosh show”,
"What the fuck’s that "said the promoter.
"Martin Ace,Josh Ace and James Beck have a rock’n’roll band called Omigosh”.
Someone said, "Brilliant idea,go for it!”
And so it was that Omigosh played at the Burg Herzberg Festival 2007.
The atmosphere at the Festival was fantastic and the crowd were up for it and this is a recording of the show.

Omigosh: Rainbows On My Blue Suede Shoes
Live, 2007

The equivalent of omigod or oh my god or oh my gosh usually said by ditzy girls that just slur the three words. Hence, omigosh, instead of oh my gosh.

Becca: Omigosh, Jen! Brad just waved at me!
Jen: No way! Omigosh, did you wave back?
Becca: Omigosh, yes!
(Quelle: www.urbandictionary.com)

1. Romain (Ace, John, Jones, Leonard, Williams)
2. When Will I Be Loved (Everly)
3. Mystery Train (Parker, Phillips)
4. That'll Be The Day (Holly, Allison, Petty)
5. Mystical Tree (Ace, Ace) Listen ...
6. Even Visionaries Go Blind (Ace)
7. Manillo (Ace, John, Jones, Leonard, Williams)
8. The Price (Ace, John, Jones, Leonard, Weathers)
9. Jesus Gonna Make Up My Dying Bed (trad.)
10. Rainbows On My Blue Suede Shoes (Ace, Durden)
11. Baby It's You (Bacharach, David, Williams)
12. Tweeter And The Monkey Man (Dylan, Harrison, Lynne, Orbison, Petty)
13. Wolly Bully (Samudio)
14. Foxy Lady (Hendrix)
15. All Along The Watchtower (Dylan)
16. I Saw Her Standing There (Lennon, McCartney)